3 oct. 2008

Light Graffiti - Tutorial by Pika Pika

This is an explaining movie of pika pika for the imprint forum in Little Tokyo, L.A. at 12 and 13 sept. 2007.

What is PIKA PIKA?

PIKA PIKA is an abstract animation film made with flashlights.

A series of photographs using long exposures are edited together to make them appear as an animation.


2005 Summer, We are invited to a Workshop to explain How the animation works.

The audience ranged from a 3 years old to a 60 years old,
We wondered how to make the workshop interactive and interesting for all ages.

We came up with the PIKA PIKA concept, where an entire audience can join with a flashlight and be a part of the animation.

This is how we make pikapika:

1. We set the camera up in a spot about 10-15 ft away where you will easily be able to draw your picture.

2. We Set the camera's shutter speed to bulb or at a longer exposure.

3. Draw the image with the flashlight.

4. Draw it over and over again.

5. We play them consecutively and make an animation.